• 28.01.15

    Welcome dear friends

    I am beyond excited to be able to share with you my little slice of life online. Breathing Life has been an evolving concept for many months now. We have talked and brainstormed the design, feel, layout and aim of this site for what seems like an age. Then one day it just literally fell into place. Thanks to my wonderfully creative husband Jamie, what seemed at times like months in the making was then only days in the constructing and execution (YES he really is that good!) And I am absolutely thrilled with the end result.

    Breathing Life is a space for parents-to-be and parents-who-are. A place where I hope we can share ideas, inspiration and encouragement on all thinkings relating to parenthood and wellness. As a new parent I was all too aware about the myriad of complex jargon, contradictions and often conflicting advice and opinions.

    Mainstream media doesn’t lend itself well to the idea of a more holistic approach to parenting. I was shocked, angered and confused to find almost every article I came across was either preaching the benefits of controlled crying, strict routines or early weaning. And it didn’t stop there, my own breastfeeding support group was full of this type of advice. It wasn’t long before I found myself in an all too familiar environment, one which I’d experienced throughout my entire life – rebelling against the grain.

    Luckily I knew I wasn’t alone in my questioning of these methods and ideas which do not take into account the babies physiological development or offer any scientific backing as to the ‘so called benefits’. Thanks to the world of social media I was able to find my own tribe of families online who, like me, were also trying to navigate their way through it all and find some clarity in their approach.

    To paraphrase Michel Odent recently,

    “There has never been a more exciting time for the world in terms of information. Every day scientists are discovering new evidence on the benefits of everything from co-sleeping to home birthing. What a truly exciting time in our history.”

    What an exciting time indeed! We now know that actually many of the things now coined “new concepts” like co-sleeping, babywearing and attachment parenting are actually very ancient practices. The beauty however lies in that science is eventually catching up to what nature already knew.

    My hope and aim is that all parents have access to evidence based information twinned with the confidence in themselves, their own wisdom and innate instincts to allow them to parent with humanity, compassion and grace.

    Peaceful parenting,