"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change"

Marie Mongan, HypnoBirthing founder

What is HypnoBirthing?

HypnoBirthing to many is a new concept. For those with little previous knowledge don’t let the word ‘Hypno’ confuse you.

The course is built using evidence-based scientific research combined with tools and techniques in deep relaxation and meditation to help prepare you mentally, physically and emotionally to birth your baby calmly and with ease.

About the course

I provide courses in HypnoBirthing - The Mongan Method to prospective parents across Edinburgh and Central Scotland.

The course itself is split into 5 x 2.5 hour sessions.

This is typically (although not always) spread across 5 consecutive weeks. If however you have discovered HypnoBirthing later in your pregnancy i.e 35+ weeks onwards please do still get in touch and I can arrange an intensive course with sufficient notice.

What you will learn

  • The importance and power of the mind body connection
  • How birth is a physiological function of the body
  • How fear affects labour and our birthing muscles (known as the Fear-Tension-Pain cycle)
  • How your body is designed perfectly for birth
  • How the history of women and birthing has shaped our approach to birthing today
  • How to choose the right care provider and birthing environment for you
  • How to let your baby and body set the pace of your birthing
  • An array of tools and techniques in relaxation, self hypnosis, visualisation, breathing and massage to help you experience the birth you envisage
  • How to ask the right questions to make informed decisions should your birth not quite go to plan

Each strand of the course is intertwined with another and allows you to maximise and nourish your belief in yourself and the birthing process to create a truly unique and empowering birthing experience.

Course prices

(All prices per couple)

Type When Location Price
1-2-1 sessions Whenever you want Your home or mine £325
Group sessions (max 3 couples) Selected dates throughout the year My home in Trinity, Edinburgh £275
Friends sessions* (max of 3 couples) Whenever you want You decide £250

*Do you have pregnant friends or colleagues who are also interested in finding out more about HypnoBirthing? If so, I provide private group sessions available at a discounted rate. Get in touch to find out more.

How to book

Booking is easy and straightforward:

  1. Firstly, I always like to start with a chat via Telephone, Skype or Email. This lets me fully understand your circumstances and how I can best support you in the run up to your birth
  2. When you are ready to progress all I ask is for a £50 non-refundable deposit to secure your place
  3. You can pay the remainder of the outstanding balance when we meet at the beginning of Session 1

More About me

I am a HypnoBirthing mum myself…

I will be forever grateful to the Universe for having discovered HypnoBirthing in 2012 when I was pregnant with my first baby. Our daughter made her way earth side in a beautifully calm and gentle birth which we have been reaping the benefits of everyday since. I truly cannot imagine how different my birthing experience would have been had I not.

In truth, I was just like everyone else.

At some point in the past our view of women and birthing has become skewed. Whether this is by the medical industry, mainstream media or just from the negative birthing stories readily told to prospective mothers by those who had been in their shoes before, the bottom line is that something has got to change.

This anxiety and fear surrounding birthing has reached epidemic levels and I knew from the moment our daughter was born that I had a responsibility to pay it forward and spread a different type of message: one of empowerment, positivity and confidence in the human body to do exactly as nature intended.

What I love about sharing HypnoBirthing…

The best thing for me is seeing the change in my couple’s demeanor from Session 1 to Session 5. While most couples show up feeling a little anxious and often sceptical, they are also eager to learn the ‘secrets’ of this method.

In my experience, they always leave feeling more relaxed, more knowledgeable about the process of birthing in general but most importantly their surge in confidence allows them to trust their own instincts in making informed decisions surrounding their baby’s birth.