As an experienced and passionate Doula, I have been supporting women throughout Glasgow and central Scotland to birth their babies since I first birthed my own. This transformational experience led me to this work, this joy, this path of supporting women and families during this most pivotal time in their lives.

Time and time again I met women whose experiences were far from my own. Who were left in the aftermath of birth to pick up the pieces of emotional, physical, psychological trauma; typically alone without access to the right support, care or even understanding, not to mention all the while manoeuvring motherhood often for the first time.

My heart ached for these women, motherhood is hard enough, entirely consuming and often lonely. Navigating it with the scars than a less than fruitful birthing experience is a dangerous concoction. The good news however - its entirely avoidable.

In my experience as a Doula, with the right access to information, the right support and the right to irrefutable freedom of choice to birth however you desire this doesn’t have to be our blueprint for birth. In fact, it can’t be!

Women’s bodies aren’t broken they aren’t less capable now than centuries before. Our systems however are. Only by changing the way we view and approach birth can the way we birth begin to change.

“The medicalization of birth has left three generations of women spiritually and psychologically wounded.”

—Pam England

My belief that every woman and pregnant person should have a doula during birth is purely an extension of my passion for women’s rights.

My work as a Doula is grounded in advocacy, autonomy, social justice and an overwhelming amount of love and marvel at the capabilities of women and their bodies.

I will support you wholly and holy, hand-in-hand as you walk this path of deepest transformation on your own terms. Let’s reclaim birth, let's bring it home once again to women!

You have the power Mama. Whether you know it or not makes it no less true.

Birth Doula package


My first priority is a free in-person consultation where we decide if I am the right Doula for you and your family.

Following that we next schedule the first of our 4 prenatal meet ups (typically lasting 1.5 - 2 hours) where we delve deeper into your aspirations, choices, concerns and begin to explore and form your unique birthing preferences.

In addition to continuous support via phone, email, and text throughout your pregnancy I also provide 1 prenatal Intuitive Yoga session to help prepare you physically, mentally and spiritually in the lead up to birth.

Optional add-on - Full Day Intensive Birth Preparation Workshop.

Mother holding baby bump - Hollie Adams-Hylands, Doula, Glasgow, Scotland.
newborn baby wrapped in blanket - Hollie Adams-Hylands, Doula, Glasgow, Scotland

During birth

In the lead up to your birth, I am on call 24/7 from 37 weeks until your baby arrives earthside.

During your birthing, I provide a supportive and unwavering presence and can liaise with birthing professionals where required.

My role as a Doula is one of utter service, advocacy and protection of you, your birthing space and your preferences. Meeting the needs of you and your family moment to moment.

Post-partum I can help you to establish breastfeeding if you wish. I remain present until you and your little one are wrapped in each other (typically up to two hours after birth.)


Following your birth, I provide one/two post-natal visits and carry out an intuitive birthing debrief.

Here we check in and explore your experience of crossing the threshold of this unique birth. We work together, unraveling you and your birthing companions journey, how life is feeling for you and your family and explore if you need any additional support from myself or others whether with baby related issues or mother related postpartum recovery and healing.

I can provide information on an incredible network of women working across the country and beyond should you require extra support postnatally whether with physical and emotional therapy, additional postpartum support, birth trauma, holistic therapies and essential oils for therapeutic healing.

I also provide a minimum of 1 postpartum meal delivered straight to your door for you and your family. We all know how important food is and how time precious parenthood can be. It is one of my favourite things to cook and nourish families postpartum.

Optional add-on - Post-natal Doula support / Mother's help (Investment - £25 / hour)

newborn baby staring at the camera - Hollie Adams-Hylands, Doula, Glasgow, Scotland

Your investment


How to book

It’s super simple. Get in touch and let’s get together over a cuppa. I’d love to meet you and relish every opportunity to talk all things birth and women’s empowerment.

If you wish to secure me as your Doula, GREAT! It is truly an honour and privilege to serve you Mama. Let’s get to it.

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