Kathryn, East Lothian

Baby Idris

“Hollie was our doula at the home birth of our second child. As a hypnobirthing practitioner myself, we chose our doula very carefully and were so very glad of our choice.

Hollie and I met to discuss all my preferences and plans for birth beforehand. When my labour began, I called Hollie and she came promptly and without fuss. From that moment, her presence throughout was calming, reassuring and so helpful.

She was there to support me in whatever way I asked and needed, from drawing pictures with my oldest child (I still have the tiger picture they drew together) to wiping my brow in the most intense parts of birth.

Idris’ birth was the most beautiful experience of my life and I’m so glad that Hollie shared that with me.

Throughout labour, she supported me so incredibly at every step. She seemed to know what I needed before I did and her words of gentle encouragement will remain with me always. The birth was euphoric and after it, Hollie helped us all in many ways, from being with me calmly and quietly as my placenta released to helping us clear up the birth pool.

I cannot emphasise how much positivity Hollie brought to my birth experience and I would always want her as my doula for any more babies to come.... Love you, special Mamma”

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