Birth preparation workshop

What I’ve noticed time and time again is that when women and families go into birth blind they do not leave with the experience they desired.

The old wing it and see approach simply doesn’t apply here. Navigating our cultural conditioning when it comes to birth requires conscious consideration. Knowledge really is power. Preparation really is key.

When it comes to birth nothing is a guarantee, however, what we can know for sure is that informed parents make informed decisions which in turn lead to better birthing outcomes in just about every way.

I offer a 1 Day Intensive Birth Preparation Workshop for you and/or your partner/birthing companion to help you navigate the birth you desire.

Workshops take place at my home in Glasgow, central Scotland.

What you will learn

  • Understand Physiological Birth and why women’s bodies are beautifully designed to birth their babies.
  • Explore the importance of birthing environments.
  • Birth Rights are Human Rights.
  • An array of tools and techniques to utilize before, during (and even after) birth to allow you to get into that beautiful birthing zone. HypnoBirthing, Specific Breathing Techniques, Birthing Positions, Yoga and Meditation.
  • Birthing preferences/ plans and how best to cultivate the birth you crave.
  • The Importance of a Birth Companion and much, much more.

Your investment


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