I’m Hollie, mama of mighty girls and woman on a mission to bring birth home to women.

In May 2012, after dismissing a stack of fear-inducing pregnancy books, I promptly received a message from an old friend, “Have you heard of HypnoBirthing?” and so began my journey into the world of all things birthing and beyond.

Later that year after a 35+ hour labour I welcomed our first little HypnoBirthed being into the world. Fast forward to 2015 and it was time to do it all again, welcoming our second mighty girl into the world in a beautiful freebirth at home with my husband and Doula.

They were both gentle, peaceful births but that doesn't mean they were without their challenges. They required a huge amount of preparation, education and a whole new approach to something I’d been programmed from an early age to fear!

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“We have a secret in out culture, it's not that birth is painful, it's that women are strong.”

—Laura Stavoe Harm

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Both births took me to the edge and back - birth does that - but the beauty about visiting the edge is that you get to experience the wonder and awe of what lies there.

In both cases, I got to meet myself in birth. The most fierce, most vulnerable, most unapologetic, most dedicated and determined warrior woman I never knew existed - at least not on this level! I met the woman I became because of those births and I’m here to tell you, you too can do the same.

Put simply, as one of my favourite humans Glennon Doyle says,

“We can do hard things”.

My work as a woman, mother, birth activist and doula is to provide a counter for the decades of disempowering and degrading practices and procedures that have resulted in too many women entering labour not as the powerful beings we are but as passive patients, scared, spiritless and looking for ways to escape, and who can blame us?

What I do

I work with women and families to share the wisdom and transformation of birth.

Together we walk the road back to empowerment as I witness women take birth back into their rightful hands and bodies. To be the gatekeepers of their own experience.

Birth rights are human rights! I work closely with women to shine a light on this grey area and why when it comes it birth its about more, much more, than just a healthy baby.

Whether through sharing information, resources and evidence-based research to Hypnobirthing, yoga and meditation together we unravel and create a way into the birthing experience you desire. Doing whatever it takes to allow you to feel good about the journey ahead towards the centre of yourself and the seat of your power.

I’m eternally blessed to be able to walk a portion of this path with the women and families I serve and support.

With fierce love,


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